Public Hearing on the Rezoning

Our website will be constantly updated with the latest information regarding the zoning change.

UPDATE 8-15-14–An Information Meeting to discuss the Lighthouse Pointe R-2 Townhouse Development is scheduled for Thursday, August 21, 2014 at 3:00 pm in the Conference Room – lower floor in Town Hall. We need as many people to attend this meeting as possible so we can stay informed about their plan to move this project forward. Although the proposal gives the impression this is an R-2 concept, the drawing rendered shows it as a PDD development. Our group continues to be opposed to these apartments, regardless of what they are called and how they are presented. We strongly oppose the concept of rezoning to a PDD. 

Click Here to view the proposed 

UPDATE 7-4-14– Lighthouse Pointe has sent an invitation for homeowners to attend an informational meeting THIS THURSDAY, July 10 @ 7pm at the Grand Island Library. LP will layout two options they are looking to take to the town planning board (their next meeting is Monday, August 11). They have two proposals: A.) to keep R2 zoning and build 246 two story townhouse style apartments, B.) to zone PDD and build a total of 363 units including a few 2 story townhomes along the Timberlink side with the rest being 2 story apartment units. The 3 page letter outlining their proposal is below:

LHP #1  LHP #2  LHP #3

UPDATE 6-9-14. Town Planning Board meeting was held tonight and ended the formal meeting and opened up to an informal presentation by Sean Hopkins and the Lighthouse Pointe group discussion…They are still working on a new proposal in which they will most likely ask for a zone change to PPD in which they would include 7 acres of the B1, not count any of the wetlands in figuring density, provide a deeded 110 foot greenspace + an undecided setback behind the Timberlink homes with back yard to back yard, most likely 5-6 unit attached townhouse (2 Story) parking to the inside of the development backed up to Timberlink.  All units separately deeded to Cutaia with onsite management office for renting each. The rest of the development would be 4 unit townhouses. Between 249-275 total units. 

We will probably be getting a new invite to meet with developer for a meeting sometime in late July. The next Town Planning Board meeting is Monday, July 14th at 7pm.

Continue to check our website often for notification of future dates for the public hearing on this project.

Please be sure to have every member of your household sign our petition to stop rezoning


Below are photos of  a couple  Light House Pointe Developments in WNY

It's a tight knit community. Your Neighbors are only an "arms length" away!

It’s a tight knit community.  Your neighbors are only an “arms length” away!

Neatly stacked next to each other

Neatly stacked next to each other

15840017 15840018           15840007     Below are photos of the current zoning (R2) and the proposed zoning change to R3.

This map shows Grand Island currently.

This map shows Grand Island currently.

This is the area of the proposed zoning change on Grand Island at Whitehaven & East River

This is the area of the proposed zoning change on Grand Island at Whitehaven & East River

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