Your vote is important.  We stopped the High-Density Apartments from being built in our backyard.  Now, we are becoming proactive to make sure another project like that is NEVER put back on the table.  Several members of our Committee are now asking you to vote in the Republican Primary on Tuesday, September 13th so we will have a voice on the Republican Committee.  We have invested hundreds of hours of our time to this cause to protect our neighborhood.  We are now asking you to invest just 10 minutes of your time.  If you are a Republican, please leave your home 10 minutes early this coming Tuesday morning (Sept 13) and vote for our candidates in the following Districts to help us continue to protect our neighborhood.  Find your polling place below to see which candidates to vote for.

District 1 – John Carr                                                                                                                                          CLICK HERE to Download Printable Ballot Card                                                                         Polling Location – NIKE BASE at 3278 Whitehaven Road

District 3 – James Maloney / Tammy Danielson                                                                                        CLICK HERE to Download Printable Ballot Card                                                                            Polling Location – Grand Island High School at 1100 Ransom Road

District 4 – Theodore Zembaty / Kristin Ochs                                                                               CLICK HERE to Download Printable Ballot Card                                                                           Polling Location – NIKE BASE at 3278 Whitehaven Road

District 5 – James Sedita / Gregory Chase                                                                                       CLICK HERE to Download Printable Ballot Card                                                                         Polling Location – Highway Department 1820 Whitehaven Road

District 10 – Christopher Bystrzak / Taylor Internicola                                                              CLICK HERE to Download Printable Ballot Card                                                                         Polling Location – Kaegebein Elementary School at 1690 Love Road

District 11 – David Russell / Mark Merletti                                                                                      CLICK HERE to Download Printable Ballot Card                                                                          Polling Location – Grand Island Library at 1715 Bedell Road

District 13 – Howard “Mike” Sexton / Jodie Spero                                                                        CLICK HERE to Download Printable Ballot Card                                                                         Polling Location – Grand Island Fire Hall at 2275 Baseline Road


           Email Us –


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Public Hearing for R2 development Monday, August 17th @ 8p at Town Hall

Our website will be constantly updated with the latest information regarding the zoning change.

gi flyer


The Town Board’s decision on the R2 Zoning issue is to pass a local law amending the R2 zoning district regulations,  PDD regulations and official map of the Town of Grand Island.

The Town Board wants the ability to re-zone R2 zoned properties into PDD’s (Planned Development Districts). This would give the Town the power to put High-Density Rental Apartments on currently zoned R2 Residential Property. This would make it possible for hundreds of 3 story apartments to be in our back yard.

This Public Hearing should be important to everyone

Below is a photo of a Lighthouse Pointe Development in WNY

With PPD Zoning, this is possible!

With PPD Zoning, this is possible!

UPDATE–R2 Building moratorium in effect until JUNE 2, 2015

The Town has formed a committee and hired two outside community planners to review the zoning code for the Town’s current R2 zoning. Our group has representation on this committee that is holding regular meetings to discuss proposed changes.

When the committee presents to the town it’s proposed changes, a public hearing will be held before a vote is taken by the Town Board. It will be important to have a large turnout to air our position on the proposed R2 changes.

We will post on this site and send an email to concerned parties in our group with details on the changes and the public hearing and Town Board voting dates.


The Grand Island Town Board has voted to create a local law to present to the Planning Board a 120 day moratorium to development in the R-2 zones.

The Planning Board will suspend the rules at its meeting January 12th, for discussion and recommendation to the Town Board. Upon a favorable vote by the Planning Board it will then be referred to the Town Board.

The Town Board at its meeting on January 20th  will set a public hearing. The public hearing will be February 2nd. At that time the Board can adopt the law and appoint a 9 member committee. The Committee will be responsible to look at the present R-2 zone and develop guidelines that the R-2 zone will be more compatible with the adjoining zones. The committee with be comprised of 9 members;  2 members from the planning board, 1 member from the ZBA, 1 from the Conservation Commission, 1 from the Economic Development Board along with 4 from the GI Community, of which one from the Lighthouse resident group.

The Town will hire an outside consultant / planner to assist with questions / concerns from the committee. The Town Code Enforcement, engineering and Town Board are also “ad-hoc” members and invited to attend but not allowed to vote.


  1. If you missed the public hearing for Lighthouse Pointe at Town Hall on Monday December 1, the hearing has been left open and will likely be closed at the Town Board meeting on Monday, December 15, 2014 at 8pm. If you were unable to attend the meeting on December 1st, you will have the opportunity to voice your concerns on 12/15, and again, we encourage everyone to attend and to voice your concerns on having a Commercial Rental development of 246 units in a residential R2 zoned property.
  2. We are against the proposed plan to rent these units on a plot of land that is zoned R2 for individual residential ownership, not rental units. This proposed development is in direct violation of the Town’s Master Plan. If you are opposed to the proposed use of this land, let us know by leaving a comment and by attending the Town Board meetings (dates and times will be posted on this site).
  3. We would like to thank everyone who has made contributions to our legal support in our efforts to prevent this rental project being built by LHP.  We will be accepting further contributions at our scheduled meetings.

The Public Hearing for this proposed development continues on  Monday, December 15, 2014 at 8pm at the Grand Island Town Hall. Even if you attend the previous town board meeting, we need you to attend on December 15th to let the Town Board hear us loud and clear….. we do not want this complex in this location. 

  • NOTE: If the town board does not vote on this issue by January 31, 2015,  by law,  it will automatically pass and the project will move forward. It is important we hold our elected town officials accountable for their actions, or their lack of action!

Current Lighthouse point plans-10-27-14

Continue to check our website often for notification of future dates for the public hearing on this project.

Please be sure to have every member of your household sign our petition to stop rezoning


Below are photos of  a couple  Light House Pointe Developments in WNY

It's a tight knit community. Your Neighbors are only an "arms length" away!

It’s a tight knit community.  Your neighbors are only an “arms length” away!

Neatly stacked next to each other

Neatly stacked next to each other

15840017 15840018           15840007

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